Other partners


FemiliPNG Australia is grateful to those organistions who continue to support our work, through funding and in-kind donations.

Australian Government

FPNGA acknowledges the support of the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP). We are a valued partner of the Australian Government, receiving flexible funding under ANCP each year to implement development and poverty alleviation programs overseas.

PNGAus Partnership logo including a kangaroo, the southern cross and the PNG Bird of Paradise

Newcrest Sustainability Fund

In 2023 FemiliPNG Australia and the Newcrest Sustainability Fund partnered in delivering the Strongim Femili PNG Program. Support from the Newcrest Sustainability Fund will provide leadership and management training to Femili PNG supervisors; an intensive workshop and one-on-one coaching to their senior management team; and clinical training and tailored coaching to Femili PNG caseworkers.

Mundango Abroad

Mundango Abroad, a private ancillary fund, is a long-time supporter of Femili PNG and FemiliPNG Australia. They have generously contributed, over many years, to Femili PNG’s strategic priorities and long-term sustainability, including to the Goroka Outpost.

The Development Policy Centre

The Development Policy Centre, Crawford School of Public Policy, at the Australian National University is a long-term supporter of FemiliPNG Australia. The Development Policy Centre provides free office space and administrative resources; allowing us to focus more of our time and resources on our mission!