About Femili PNG Coffee

Femili PNG Coffee is an award-winning, full-body coffee, with delicious chocolate and citrus undertones. Our green coffee beans are grown by female farmers in the Western Highlands region of PNG, and roasted to-order in Canberra, Australia. Every purchase supports life-changing services for survivors of family and sexual violence in PNG.

Coffee with a cause

While violence affects us all, violence against women and girls is one of the most pervasive human rights violations in the world. Globally, one in three women will experience violence in their lifetime. In PNG, that rate increases to two in three.

As a Papua New Guinean non-profit, Femili PNG runs free support centres for survivors of family and sexual violence in Lae, Port Moresby and Goroka. They also operate the Bel is PNG safe house in Port Moresby.

Since opening in 2014, Femili PNG has supported over 6,700 survivors to access medical care, safe accommodation, law and justice interventions (e.g., support obtaining protection orders), financial and vocational assistance, and more. They also undertake outreach in communities and schools, to raise awareness about violence and the help available. They train community leaders to support survivors in locations they can’t reach directly; and collaborate closely with other service providers to enhance their impact.

FemiliPNG Australia is an Australian support organisation for Femili PNG. We recognise that local people, communities and organisations are best-placed to respond to the needs of PNG families. That’s why we put Femili PNG at the centre of all our work – with them leading the way and us operating in support. Our focus is on providing difficult-to-source technical, project, and financial skills to extend Femili PNG’s reach and impact. As part of our fundraising activities, we started selling Femili PNG Coffee in 2022 to support Femili PNG’s life-changing work. 100% of the funds we raise go directly towards supporting Femili PNG’s life-changing work.

You will feel great drinking Femili PNG Coffee, knowing every sip makes a meaningful difference.

Empowering women in the coffee industry

Coffee has traditionally been a male-dominated industry. Today, however, women make up the majority of the 400,000+ coffee farmers in PNG (PNGWICA, 2021). With most of these farmers being located remotely, coffee has become a vital source of income for these women and their communities. Their earnings are often used to maintain their family’s food security, to support their children’s education, and for other essential living expenses. Despite this, women’s contribution to the coffee industry continues to receive little acknowledgement.

We know that ensuring women have access to and control over financial resources is vital to achieving gender equality. In 2022, this led us to partner with the Ukuni Women in Coffee Association – a cooperative of 194 female farmers who grow our Femili PNG Coffee in the Western Highlands of PNG. The remote location of the Ukuni village limits the amount of other economic opportunities available to the women. By selling their coffee beans in Australia, we aim to provide a stable source of income to the female farmers – empowering them to build meaningful and sustainable lives.

A group photo of members of the Ukuni Women in Coffee Association with Friends of Femili PNG representatives.

High quality coffee

Sustainable growing conditions

The Ukuni women grow our coffee beans naturally, free from chemicals and pesticides, at higher than 1600 metres above sea level. With rich volcanic soils and a relatively consistent average temperature of 16-24°C, the Western Highlands have some of the world’s best conditions for growing coffee.

Additionally, PNG is located just 4km away from Australia’s closest island. This limits carbon emissions, as our coffee beans do not need to be transported across the world.

A large bag of dried green coffee beans, grown by the Ukuni women.

Expert roasting

Our coffee beans are roasted to order in Canberra, Australia, and sealed to ensure freshness. Our roaster, Niugini Arabica, specialises in roasting PNG coffee beans, and knows exactly how to bring out their unique and delicious flavours. Niugini Arabica was also awarded the Best Specialty Coffee Roasters Award for 2022 in the ACT!

Femili PNG Coffee beans being roasted at Niugini Arabica's Duffy cafe.

Award winning coffee

Femili PNG Coffee is a full-bodied Papua New Guinean coffee with delicious chocolate and citrus undertones.

Our coffee received a bronze medal at the 2023 Royal Adelaide Coffee Show, in the ‘Latte Single Origin’ category. You can read more about our award here.

A cup of Femili PNG office coffee.

Coffee artwork

About the artist

The artwork on on our coffee bag was designed by Papua New Guinean artist Lesley Wengembo. Lesley was born in Goroka and raised in Port Moresby. He started painting in 2012 when he followed his mum to a monthly craft market at Moresby National Art Theatre. There, he saw the work of the late Martin Morobubuna and was influenced by his work. In recent years Lesley’s work has focused on hyper-realistic portraiture in oils. He loves painting faces and feels it connects him to his culture and Papua New Guinean identity. Lesley has been a two-time Archibald Prize entrant.

Artist statement

“The inspiration behind this design is the idea of woman as the backbone of Papua New Guinea, represented by a silhouette of a woman carrying a baby in a bilum. The mark-making in this image comes from my influences when I was young. The detail in the patterns is not repeated because I drew inspiration from different regions in PNG.

  • The design of the woman’s head is from Momase region, resembling a Sepik mask.
  • Her shoulders are influenced by the lime bottle (for betel nut) from the Southern region.
  • The bilum is a mixture of island region designs, mostly inspired by New Ireland, with the spiral elements reflecting Southern influences.
  • The bottom half of the design combines elements from the Highlands with other regions too.

The image represents the shared and common role women play in PNG’s community. They are the mothers of the nation and deserve respect.”

Eliminating takeaway cup culture

Fressko aims to eliminate take-away cup culture by bringing you stylish, BPA-free, lightweight reusable coffee cups. FemiliPNG Australia partnered with Fressko to produce sustainable 8oz and 12oz cups as a fundraiser for Femili PNG’s vital case management services.

Each cup has a stainless steel insulated inner that keeps drinks hot for up to 3 hours, while its outer stays cool to the touch. It also has barista-friendly measurement lines, and fits under standard coffee machines (and in most car cup holders!). The cup has a scratch-proof body, slip-resistant base and spill-proof screw on lid with a click lock.