Supporting Femili PNG

FemiliPNG Australia is an Australian support organisation for Femili PNG. We provide technical assistance and fundraising support to Femili PNG.

While violence affects us all, violence against women and girls is one of the most pervasive human rights violations in the world. Globally, one in three women will experience violence in their lifetime. In PNG, that rate increases to two in three. The reasons why family and sexual violence happen are many and complex. Femili PNG and FemiliPNG Australia believe that complexity is not a barrier to action.

Who are Femili PNG?

As a Papua New Guinean non-profit, Femili PNG runs free support centres for survivors of family and sexual violence in Lae, Port Moresby and Goroka. They also operate the Bel is PNG safe house in Port Moresby.

Since opening in 2014, Femili PNG has helped over 6,100 clients access legal interventions, medical assistance, safe accommodation, financial support, and more. They also undertake outreach in communities and schools, to raise awareness about violence and the help available. They train community leaders to support survivors in locations they can’t reach directly; and collaborate closely with other service providers to enhance their impact.

Who are FemiliPNG Australia?

FemiliPNG Australia (FPNGA) is an Australian support organisation for Femili PNG. We provide technical assistance and fundraising support to Femili PNG.

We assist Femili PNG in many ways, such as:

  • Assisting with project design, development, monitoring and evaluation
  • Advising on reporting and policy development, and supporting management and governance
  • Providing communications assistance, and supporting Femili PNG to raise awareness of their services, and the rights of women and girls to live a life free of family and sexual violence
  • Organising fundraising opportunities in Australia
  • Assisting with information technology
  • Supporting Femili PNG to improve its capabilities by providing training and professional development to staff

Our model

FPNGA and Femili PNG are separate organisations, which are connected through an innovative model that enables services to be truly locally-led while still providing the benefits of international support.

One way we do this is by ensuring Femili PNG Board and/or senior management are represented on the FPNGA Board, and by having FPNGA staff on Femili PNG’s Executive Management Committee, its main management decision-making body.

FPNGA has a limited remit and a narrow focus. We work in one country, on one issue and mainly with one organisation. This ensures that Femili PNG is the centre of our work, with them leading the way and us operating in support.

Locally-Led Development

At FPNGA, locally-led development is at the heart of what we do. Local people, local communities and local organisations are best placed to respond to the needs of survivors of family and sexual violence.

This means that we do not deliver or direct services. We empower Femili PNG’s Papua New Guinean staff to make decisions and lead the organisation.

Where possible, we help Femili PNG to secure funds directly, only securing funds via FPNGA where needed. When we transfer funds to Femili PNG, we provide core funding to ensure the continued operations of their work. And we have a track-record of passing responsibilities from FPNGA to Femili PNG, such as financial management. FPNGA is also there to augment Femili PNG’s capability when needed.

Our close partnership with Femili PNG makes our programs and governance stronger. Femili PNG provides a deep understanding of PNG context and technical expertise in case management. FPNGA provides an understanding of donor needs and technical expertise in a variety of areas to complement Femili PNG’s.

This enables us to work together for outcomes for survivors of violence.