The Newcrest Sustainability Fund Supports the Strongim Femili PNG Program

FemiliPNG Australia is excited to announce our partnership with the Newcrest Sustainability Fund and Femili PNG for the Strongim Femili PNG Program. In striving towards and demanding change, the program aims to strengthen local solutions to family and sexual violence (FSV) in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

FSV is one of the most pervasive human rights violations in the world. It is also one that disproportionately affects women and girls – with over 90% of Femili PNG’s clients being women who have experienced FSV. The Strongim Femili PNG Program seeks to address gender inequality and empower survivors of violence by improving the quality of FSV services.

Since Femili PNG opened their first case management centre in 2014, staffing levels have grown from 7 in Lae to 61 across three locations (Lae, Port Moresby and Goroka). As the organisation continues to grow, a strong leadership team is key to maintaining a well-coordinated and highly effective response to FSV.

Support from the Newcrest Sustainability Fund will provide leadership and management training to more than 20 Femili PNG supervisors; as well as an intensive workshop and one-on-one coaching to their senior management team.

In addition, the partnership with the Newcrest Sustainability Fund will enable clinical training and tailored coaching to at least 20 Femili PNG caseworkers – allowing them to strengthen their skills in mental health first aid and counselling.

Being able to provide FSV services safely and effectively is essential to Femili PNG’s long-term success in making a difference to the lives of survivors.

FemiliPNG Australia will receive ~ AUD 500,000 (1.1 million Kina) in funding from the Newcrest Sustainability Fund to support clinical and management strengthening. Through genuine partnerships, the Strongim Femili PNG Program will strengthen local services that empower those most affected by FSV in PNG.