Annual Report 2022-23

FemiliPNG Australia works in partnership with local and international organisations to prevent and respond to family and sexual violence in Papua New Guinea (PNG).
Our vision
A strong and sustainable Femili PNG working towards a Papua New Guinea free of family and sexual violence.
Our values
FemiliPNG Australia’s values are the cornerstones of our organisation. These values not only reflect who we are as an organisation, but also shape our approach to our work and projects.
Respectful partnerships: We believe the best outcomes can be achieved through partnerships that are responsive and founded on listening, learning and mutual respect.
Equality: All people deserve to live a life free from family and sexual violence.
Integrity: We are honest and act ethically to achieve our mission. We take individual and collective responsibility to ensure that our actions reflect our words.
Kindness: We work with empathy and compassion, for ourselves and for others.
Courage: We have the courage to lead, to take on big challenges. We are not afraid to fail. 
Resilience: Our commitment is long-term, and our organisation will be here to see the mission through.
Our mission
To be an effective, efficient, and ethical organisation supporting local solutions to family and sexual violence in PNG.

Letter from Stephen Howes, Chair FemiliPNG Australia

“This will be the last letter I write as Chair of FemiliPNG Australia, a role I have held since 2015, when the organisation was created, and christened Friends of Femili PNG. Since then, Friends, or, as we now call it, FemiliPNG Australia, has been on an exciting journey.”

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This will be the last letter I write as Chair of FemiliPNG Australia, a role I have held since 2015, when the organisation was created, and christened Friends of Femili PNG. Since then, Friends, or, as we now call it, FemiliPNG Australia, has been on an exciting journey.

A lot has changed, but one thing remains constant. FemiliPNG Australia is a support organisation for Femili PNG, the Papua New Guinea NGO that provides a crisis service for survivors of family and sexual violence. In the words of our constitution, our first goal is to “support and promote the work of Femili PNG”. FemiliPNG Australia provides critical technical support to Femili PNG, especially in the areas of data management, corporate governance, and donor relations. FemiliPNG Australia also plays an important funding role. In particular, the funds we raise and transfer to Femili PNG help sustain the third Femili PNG case management centre, in Goroka in the Highlands.

Femili PNG has become a stronger organisation since its commencement in 2014, growing rapidly. FemiliPNG Australia has also had to grow our staff and revenue to keep up.

Until 2021, Femili PNG and FemiliPNG Australia shared the same board. At the end of 2021, a separate board for FemiliPNG Australia was created. As chair of the Femili PNG board, I agreed to chair the new FemiliPNG Australia board, but only on an interim basis. I am delighted to announce that Professor Shelley Mallett will take over as Chair of FemiliPNG Australia in 2024.

Finally, our name has changed: from Friends of Femili PNG to FemiliPNG Australia. The new name stresses our Australian identity, as well as the close links between Australia and PNG that we ourselves embed and that we desire to see fostered more broadly.

I’m proud of all that FemiliPNG Australia has achieved so far. I’m also proud of helping set up an organisation that embeds the principle that, when it comes to development, outsiders should, wherever they can, play a supporting role. That’s not a new idea but it is one that it still not taken seriously enough in international development.

I want to thank everyone who has helped FemiliPNG Australia on its journey so far: all our board members, staff and volunteers, past and present, and our many donors, big and small.

I’m confident that FemiliPNG Australia will go on to do many more wonderful things to support Femili PNG in new and creative ways. And I look forward to staying involved as a volunteer and as Femili PNG’s representative on the FemiliPNG Australia board. 

Stephen Howes

Outgoing Chair, FemiliPNG Australia

Founded in 2015, under the name Friends of Femili PNG, FemiliPNG Australia is an incorporated association in the Australian Capital Territory, a registered charity with ACNC and a member of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID). As a signatory to the ACFID Code of Conduct we are committed to adhering to high standards of governance, public accountability and financial management. We are a valued partner of the Australian Government, receiving flexible funding under the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP) each year.

In the spirit of reconciliation FemiliPNG Australia acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of Country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea and community. We pay our respect to their Elders past and present. We particularly acknowledge the Ngunnawal and Ngambri people, who are the Traditional Custodians of the Country that is now the Canberra Region; where our head office is based. 

Femili PNG logo

FemiliPNG Australia’s key partner is Femili PNG; a leading Papua New Guinean non-government organisation that provides free, survivor-focused, and empowering case management services; research-based advocacy; outreach and training. You can find out more about the work of Femili PNG here, and download their annual report here.

FemiliPNG Australia’s highlights of 2022-23: Building on strong foundations

This year we have extended our capacity to deliver high quality international development programs and technical support to our partners. FemiliPNG Australia has appointed its first full-time CEO, expanded our team to five personnel (4.8FTE), increased revenue to $744,000, changed our name, and developed our first strategic plan.

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Advancing governance to better support our work

Name change

In 2022-23, we changed our name from Friends of Femili PNG to FemiliPNG Australia. The new name, FemiliPNG Australia, recognises our commitment to, and close partnership with, Femili PNG; the name change reflects our mission; and speaks to our Australian identity. 

Strategic plan

FemiliPNG Australia developed our first Strategic Plan, allowing the organisation to reflect on where we have come from, and where we are going. A refreshed vision and mission will guide our steps into the future. You can download the one page summary here, and our full Strategic Plan here.

Rules of association

Alongside updating our vision, mission and values as part of the strategic planning process, the Board has updated our governing document or Rules of Association. They are available for download here.

Our work with Femili PNG

Quote from a Femili PNG client:

FemiliPNG Australia believes in locally led development. Local organisations, communities and people are best placed to respond to the challenges of family and sexual violence.

This means that we do not deliver or direct services. We are a support organisation for Femili PNG, providing complementary technical skills to support Femili PNG’s frontline role in presenting and addressing family and sexual violence in PNG.

In 2022-23, FemiliPNG Australia provided technical support to Femili PNG in a variety of areas, including corporate governance, financial management, donor relations, information systems, fundraising and communications.

We also provided financial support for the Femili PNG Goroka Outpost in the Highlands, transferring $318,108 to Femili PNG over the course of 2022-23 to keep this office running.

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Client management systems

Quote about the CMS:

The Client Management System (CMS) has enabled caseworkers to spend more time focusing on clients and less time completing paperwork. Managers are better able to monitor and evaluate their services in real time, and provide clear reporting to their Board, key donors and funders. You can read more about our work to develop the CMS here, and here.

Keeping track of referrals, clients, and client outcomes while maintaining confidentiality is an important technical capability for Femili PNG. The CMS project’s staged roll out over the last two years is now complete.

Goroka Outpost

5,480 people attended 26 outreach sessions in 2022-23.

Femili PNG’s Goroka Outpost connects survivors of family and sexual violence in the Eastern Highlands to case management services that support access to medical, law and justice, vocational, and safe accommodation services. The small Goroka Outpost also raises awareness and provides education to service providers, community leaders, schools and communities across the Eastern Highlands. You can read more about the Goroka outpost here. FemiliPNG Australia provides the financial support that keeps the Femili PNG Goroka Outpost going. We acknowledge the valuable support provided by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP) to the Goroka Outpost.

As part of our commitment to excellence, FemiliPNG Australia welcomes feedback, suggestions, compliments and complaints. We aim to make this process as accessible as possible. Feedback can be given by phone, email, in person or in writing. Find out more here.

Femili PNG in 2022-23

Femili PNG has been highly effective in 2022-23, providing survivor-focused, and empowering case management services to 1,590 clients via their three case management centres in Lae, Port Moresby and Goroka.

Femili PNG achieved several important milestones during the year, including:

  • Support to the Seventh Day Adventist Church to open a new and much-needed Safe House in Lae
  • An emergency response to an outbreak of violence in July 2023 in Porgera, Enga
  • Receipt of funding support from the Government of PNG
  • A large program of outreach in Oro and the Highlands

Fundraising for impact

Successful fundraising ensures our impact is not only sustained, but also able to grow. FemiliPNG Australia appreciates the financial support provided by generous people throughout Australia who donate, support our fundraising events and purchase bilums, coffee and other merchandise.  

Thank you to everyone who continue to make our work possible!

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PNG Independence Day: September 2022

Lesley Wengembo and Mehere Maladina volunteering at the PNGFQI Femili PNG stall

FemiliPNG Australia joined in celebrations of PNG’s 47th Independence Day at the PNG Federation Queensland Inc (PNGFQI) day at Beenleigh.

This year’s PNGFQI event was the largest on record, with a program full of cultural performances and stallholders selling a range of traditional foods and handmade items. It was a wonderful opportunity to connect with the PNG community in Brisbane and raise awareness of Femili PNG’s important work. Thank you to the hundreds of people who stopped by to chat!

Canberra times marathon festival: April 2023

Group photograph of the 2023 #RunforFemiliPNG team after their races at the PNG High Commission.
#RunforFemiliPNG runners and supporters at the post-event morning tea

On 16th April 2023, a dedicated group of supporters braved the wet weather to #RunforFemiliPNG at the Canberra Times Marathon Festival. Together, our runners raised more than $41,000 for Femili PNG’s life changing work. A special thank you to the PNG High Commission, who hosted a morning tea for runners and their supporters after the event. You can browse through photos from the day here.

Kingtau Mambon: Runner’s profile

Working as a tutor at the University of PNG, Kingtau first learned about Femili PNG’s work from his colleagues at the university. He was awarded a scholarship through the ANU-UPNG partnership to study a Master of International and Development Economics in Canberra. With a passion for non-profit community projects that aim to make society a better place for everyone, Kingtau enthusiastically signed up to #RunforFemiliPNG in 2022. He came back for another year in 2023.

We are grateful for the support Kingtau has given to our cause. You can learn more about his #RunforFemiliPNG here.

Kingtau Mambon walking and running on the day

Femili PNG coffee

A year on from launching the Femili PNG Coffee brand, our delicious beans are gaining popularity with coffee-drinkers around Australia.

Every sip of Femili PNG Coffee supports women in PNG. We source our green beans from the Ukuni Women’s Association, located in the remote Western Highlands of PNG. This cooperative was formed in 2010, with the aim of providing opportunities to female coffee growers. It has 194 registered members, who together farm over 720,000 coffee trees. All funds raised from our coffee also support Femili PNG to link survivors of gender-based violence with the services they need.

We get money from coffee and help our children to be educated so that they can bring services into our community

Rachel, coffee grower

Our beans are expertly roasted by local coffee roaster, Niugini Arabica. They know exactly how to bring out the unique flavours and aromas while they roast our Femili PNG Coffee in their café in Curtin, ACT. Buy yours here.

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Bronze medal win

Image of the bronze medal Femili PNG won at the 2023 Royal Adelaide Coffee Show.

In May of 2023, our coffee received a bronze medal at the Royal Adelaide Coffee Show. Judges scored Femili PNG Coffee highly on its taste, aroma and visual appearance – ranking it among the best ‘Single Origin Lattes’ at the event.

We are proud to have received this award. It recognises both the quality of the green bean grown by the Ukuni Women’s Association, and Niugini Arabica’s expert work roasting them. Read more about the award here.

Where can you buy our coffee?

Most of our coffee sales are online, with beans roasted freshly for order. If you live in Canberra, you can also purchase them from select retailers:

Femili PNG Coffee bag inside a PNG bilum, and a espresso coffee
  • Café Brindabella: Cafe Brindabella has a reputation for high quality coffee, delicious food, and great customer service. Located in the DFAT building (in Barton, ACT), they started selling our coffee beans in June 2023. 100% of profits from our coffee beans sold at Café Brindabella go directly towards supporting Femili PNG’s important work.
  • Strathnairn Arts Centre: Strathnairn Arts Centre is a non-profit association that provides facilities to artists in Canberra. They sell our Femili PNG Coffee and bilums in their shop in Holt, ACT.
  • Ainslie IGA: Ainslie IGA is focused on bringing ethical and sustainably sourced products to their local community. They sell our Femili PNG Coffee in their Canberra-based store.
  • Choku Bai Jo: Choku Bai Jo is committed to supporting local farmers, growers and producers. They stock 1kg bags of our Canberra-roasted coffee in their store.
  • Blue Wave Seafood: Located at Bermagui Fisherman’s Wharf in NSW, Blue Wave Seafood sell a range of takeaway meal options and fresh seafood. They also stock 1kg bags of our Femili PNG whole bean coffee.

Our supporters


Thank you to those volunteers who have contributed to FemiliPNG Australia this year.

We are grateful for your contribution to our work, and your ongoing enthusiasm.

Thank you to all of our volunteers: Arichika Okazaki, Clare Holberton, Cynthia Piromalli, Harriet Sherlock, Jackson Weekes, Lila San Roque, Ray Mines, Rod Mummery, Stephen Howes, Sue Sadauskas.

Funders and organisations

The Development Policy Centre

FemiliPNG Australia appreciates the support provided by the team at the Development Policy Centre, Crawford School of Public Policy, at the Australian National University. The Development Policy Centre provides free office space and administrative resources; allowing us to focus more of our time and resources on our mission!

The Australian Government

FemiliPNG Australia is accredited by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), responsible for managing the Australian Government’s development program. We receive support through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP) each year.

Mundango Abroad

Mundango Abroad has generously provided AUD50,000 in flexible funding this year.

Mundango Abroad, a private ancillary fund, is a long-time supporter of Femili PNG and FemiliPNG Australia. They have contributed, over many years, to Femili PNG’s strategic priorities and long-term sustainability.

Regular givers

Quote from Luke, regular giver:

Regular Givers provide monthly donations to support the life-saving and life-changing work of Femili PNG and FemiliPNG Australia.

Financial barriers can easily prevent survivors of family and sexual violence from accessing the help they need. This makes the free case management services Femili PNG provides essential to enable more women and their families to access these vital services.

FemiliPNG Australia’s Regular Givers play a pivotal role in helping to provide a steady source of funding to support these services.

Regular Givers also enable FemiliPNG Australia to continue to provide our technical assistance to Femili PNG. Thank you to all our Regular Givers, who gave more than $16,000 in 2022-23.

We could not achieve what we do without you!

FemiliPNG Australia is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient by the Australian Taxation Office. This means that all donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

When you sign up as a Regular Giver, it is up to you to decide how much and how often you’d like to donate.

You can sign up as a regular giver here, or by emailing [email protected] to set up a direct deposit.

Our board

FemiliPNG Australia is supported by a dedicated and accomplished Board. Their collective expertise and commitment play a pivotal role in guiding the organisation towards its mission.

Our Board members in 2022-23:

  • Professor Stephen Howes
  • His Excellency Mr John Ma’o Kali CMG OBE
  • Daisy G Plana
  • Denga Ilave 
  • Mehere Maladina
  • Sue Sadauskas
  • Tom Sloan

Our team

We are proud of the FemiliPNG Australia team, and we thank them for their commitment and work this year. You can read more about our people here.

Our team members in 2022-23:

  • Lauren Hallett
  • Fiona Gunn
  • Fiona Brown
  • Paul Scott
  • Andrew Howes
  • Jaida Damstra

Financial overview

Friends of Femili PNG changed names on the 1st of July 2023. This Annual Report has been drafted under our new name of FemiliPNG Australia. The Audited Financial Statements refer to our accounts as Friends of Femili PNG which was our legal entity at 30 June 2023. All financial information referenced to FemiliPNG Australia in this financial overview are drawn from the Friends of Femili PNG Audited Financial Statements. 

Where did our funds come from?

In 2022-23, FemiliPNG Australia had a total revenue of $743,919, an 8% increase on last year’s total of $686,959. This was achieved through generous donations from our supporters and an increase in funding from the Australian Government (DFAT) as the result of the Federal Government’s pre-election pledge to increase support for the ANCP program, through which FemiliPNG Australia is an accredited organisation.    Commercial Activity Income increased by 76% on last year, primarily through the growth and momentum of online coffee sales.

Where did our funds go?

In 2022-23, FemiliPNG Australia’s total expenditure was $767,943, a 42% increase on last year’s total of $442,698.

Our total spend on our International Programs was $513,390. 62% of these funds were provided to Femili PNG in the form of cash transfers, to support delivery of their services, in particular the Goroka Office ($318,108). The remaining funds were used for critical technical support. Commercial Activities Expenditure increased in line with income. These costs were particularly high in 2022-23 due to establishment costs that will reduce expenditure in the long term, and allow FemiliPNG Australia to operate ethically, paying a fair price for quality goods.

Statement of Profit and Loss 2022-23

For a more detailed understanding of our financial performance please download a copy of our Audited Financial Statements, OR request a copy by email: [email protected]

Friends of Femili PNG’s non-monetary donations and expenditures are in the form of pro bono work, contributed by volunteers.

Summary financial information has been prepared in accordance with the requirements set out in the ACFID Code of Conduct. For further information on our financial presentation and disclosure requirements, please refer to the ACFID Code of Conduct Implementation Guidance available on their website.

FemiliPNG Australia and Femili PNG are related parties and have declared all related party transactions as part of the audit process in 2022-23.

Auditors report

Download a printable version of this Annual Report, here.