Preliminary Evaluation of Femili PNG’s Goroka Case Management Outpost: February 2021 – January 2022

Friends of Femili PNG is pleased to release the Evaluation Report into the first year of operations of Femili PNG’s Goroka case management Outpost (1 February 2021 to 31 January 2022).

Femili PNG’s Goroka case management Outpost. Source: Femili PNG

The Evaluation, conducted by Friends’ Development Adviser Fiona Gunn, sought to review Femili PNG’s services provided to family and sexual violence (FSV) and sorcery accusation-related violence (SARV) survivors in Goroka. The effectiveness of Femili PNG’s collaboration with partners and service providers was also considered and recommendations made for the future of the Outpost.

The Evaluation was also intended to be a practical planning tool for Femili PNG.  In keeping with the close partnership between Friends and Femili PNG, the two organisations worked together to ensure that the Evaluation would be useful for the Outpost’s future direction in the form of achievable recommendations aligned with Femili PNG’s values and overall strategic direction.

Despite the devastating effects of COVID-19 in Goroka in late 2021, Femili PNG’s two Outpost caseworkers provided case management services to 98 survivors of FSV or SARV through 862 consultations in the first year of operations. Survivors were assisted with obtaining protection orders, safe accommodation, police interventions and medical assistance, among other services needed.

Femili PNG initially faced some challenges in establishing the Outpost as part of the referral pathway but has largely been welcomed by service providers and partners as a valuable addition to services for survivors in Eastern Highlands Province. Service providers and partners particularly valued Femili PNG’s assistance in complex cases, partner resourcing, sharing of data through stakeholder meetings, and skills transfer in case management.

“Femili PNG has been grateful for the support of Friends in conducting this Evaluation. Based on the findings, we worked together on recommendations to improve Femili PNG’s services, reach and work with partners in Goroka,” said Daisy Plana, Femili PNG’s CEO. “Femili PNG remains committed to helping survivors to achieve safety and to break the cycle of violence in their homes and communities.”

You can read the Preliminary Evaluation Report here.

Femili PNG’s Goroka case management Outpost was initially established with funding under the EU-UN Spotlight Initiative. Ongoing support for the Outpost has been provided by Friends of Femili PNG and by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

The work of Femili PNG is essential in the prevention of and response to violence against women in Papua New Guinea. You can donate to support this valuable work here.